Stella Shows Compassion for Others

stella 250 376Stella won the Nice Catch Award because of her compassion for others. She has been a peer tutor for students with special needs in her school’s Life Skills classroom and has been an integral member of their Unified Soccer and Unified Basketball teams at Portsmouth High School. Stella goes above and beyond to help members of the PHS community. When a student is sitting alone in the cafeteria during lunch, Stella is a person who will go sit with her peer so that they aren’t eating alone. On the basketball court, if one of our athletes with a disability hasn't touched the ball in a while, she will make sure that they get the ball at the next available opportunity. If one of her peers needs help with their math assignment, Stella will pull out a whiteboard and marker and start helping with the assignment. Stella is always looking to assist others in whatever they need help with. Stella's level of compassion, consideration, and genuine interest in taking care of others is remarkable. These are just a few examples of why Stella is a "kind kid".

Stella's selflessness and positive impact on her community is why she was selected as a 2023 Nice Catch Kind Kid.