Boat/RV Loans

Cruise the open water or road.

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Fund your fun with a local loan that’s made for the open air. Boats or campers — whether you’re zooming on the lake or in a lane, we’ll make financing a breeze.


Why Choose Northeast Credit Union?

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Fixed Low Rates

Kick your feet up and relax. A fixed, low rate ensures your payment never changes — so you can take it easy with the financing.

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100% Financing Available

Get your ride with no money up front. Our boat and RV loans include up to 100% financing with solid credit.

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Flexible Terms and Refinance Options

When it comes to your loan, we’ll go with your flow. Terms are flexible — and we’ll even refinance to lower your rate.

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Fast and Easy Application

Because we’re local, application is simple. Just apply online or at any nearby Northeast branch — and get out there sooner.

Boat/RV Loans

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Type APR As Low As Model Year
Up to 60 Months 7.69% 2023-2020
61-120 Months 8.19% 2023-2020

Rates effective as of February 8, 2023

Let’s Get You Outside

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