How We Contact You

Helping to keep you and your accounts safe.

Fraud can happen to anyone, at any time. As your financial partner, we’re committed to protecting your accounts and cards from fraud and theft. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a fraud management system to help identify and stop suspicious or fraudulent transaction on your account.

How Does It Work?

Our fraud prevention system (eNFACT) monitors payment channels, analyzes purchase history and spending patterns for suspicious transactions to detect fraud on your Northeast Credit Union Visa® Debit and Credit Card. As a result, if we detect something outside of your normal card activity, you will be contacted.

Our Contact Methods:

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You will receive a fraud notification email from The email will provide you with details regarding the transaction in question and instructions on how to resolve the case.

Phone Icons_Papaya_100x100


You may receive a call from the " Northeast Credit Union Fraud Detection Center" (800-262-2024 or 833-735-1894). Follow the prompts to verify the transaction or start resolving fraud.



If you do not answer the call, a message will be left with a case number specific to your account. Use this number when you call back as a way for our Fraud Prevention Services to identify your information.



A letter will be also be sent to the address on file. Please disregard the letter if the issue has already been resolved.

Have Fraud On Your Account?

Call a Member Experience Specialist at888-436-1847