Credit Card Rewards

Make life's moments even more rewarding.

Access Your Rewards

From little pick-me-ups to big plans, your Northeast credit card, rewards you just for living life. Use it on your everyday purchases — and earn points today for something special tomorrow.

Use Your uChoose Rewards For Something Special.



With the amount of travel points you can earn on purchases; your card practically doubles as a plane ticket.


Cash Back

Spend more, earn more. From little everyday purchases to big splurges, uChoose earns you cash back each time you buy.


Gift Cards

Redeem your points on gift cards from the places you love most, whether it’s a restaurant, clothing store, or music platform.


Brand Name Merchandise

Save up your points for all sorts of major brand merch, from the latest electronics to your favorite entertainment.


Charitable Donations

Earning rewards feels almost as good as giving back. Donate your uChoose points to the causes you care about most.

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