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To reach your goals, saving is essential. Whether it’s as life changing as a down payment or as small as next week’s groceries, we’re here to get you there.

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Regular Savings

Get all the essentials in one account. Earn interest, keep your money safe, and access when you need it with no monthly maintenance fee.

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Silver Lining Savings

Grow your savings with a higher APY* on balances up to $500 — and be ready for any surprise expense or opportunity that comes your way.

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Club Savings

As you spread holiday cheer, don’t let bills spread you thin. Save ahead of the season — while still earning interest on the funds you set aside.

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Youth Savings

Start your youngster off right with an account that teaches them the savings savvy they’ll use throughout their life.

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Savings Rates

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Savings Type Balance Interest Rate APY
Regular Savings All Balances 0.01% 0.01%
Silver Linings Savings Up to $500 1.00% 1.00%
Silver Linings Savings $500+ 0.01% 0.01%

Rates effective as of June 23, 2024

Savings At A Glance

Features & Benefits Regular Savings Silver Lining Savings Club Savings Youth Savings
Recommended for Members Who Want:

A great basic savings account

A higher APY on balances up to $500

Help saving for holiday shopping

A higher APY on balances up to $500 for young savers

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Must have a Northeast CU Checking Account


Must meet age eligibility

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