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Car or truck, new or used — whatever the ride, we’ll go the extra mile to find you the right loan. Hit the road with a rate that’s low, terms that are custom, and local service that’s fast.

Finance Your Ride Your Way

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Finance at a Dealership

Work directly with any of our dealer partners. Just ask them for Northeast financing — or get preapproved with us ahead of time.

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Finance at Northeast

Ready to upgrade your vehicle? Swing by. We’ll finance your dream car with a local loan that puts you in the driver’s seat.

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Refinance Your Loan

Accelerate how quickly your loan is paid off by refinancing and locking in a lower rate here at Northeast.

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Auto Loan Rates

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Term APR As Low As Monthly Payment Per 1000 Model Year
Up to 63 Months 2.19% $17.95 2021-2019
Up to 63 Months 2.39% $18.04 2018-2014
Up to 63 Months 3.89% $18.74 2013-2012

Rates effective as of November 24, 2021

Why Northeast Credit Union?

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Fixed Low Rates

We’ll put your auto loan on cruise control with a fixed low rate. Your payments will stay the same and your rate will never change.


100% Financing Available

Get the keys with no money down.
Feel free to borrow up to 100% of your ride’s value — and keep saving for other goals.

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Terms & Options to Fit Your Needs

As you pick the perfect vehicle for you, do the same with your loan. We’ll make sure to match your terms with your needs.

Let’s Greenlight Your Auto Loan.

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