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It is never too soon to start saving for retirement. Have questions holding you back from financial confidence? Looking for a better return on your investments? Northeast Wealth Advisors are here to support your savings plans so you can pursue a stronger financial future.

Is an Invested IRA Right For You?

Features Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Often recommended for members if:

You have a higher income right now and think you will be in a lower tax bracket when you are retiring.

Your tax bracket at the time of retirement is going to be higher than at the time of contribution.

Potential Advantages

Tax-advantaged personal savings plan where contributions may be tax deductible.*

Tax-advantaged personal savings plan where contributions are not deductible but qualified distributions may be tax free.*

What are qualified distributions?

Available for withdrawal without the 10% penalty from the IRS at age 59 ½.

Qualified withdrawals from the account, not subject to the 10% early withdrawal fee, are those made after age 59 ½ and five years have gone by since you made your first contribution. This is known as the “five-year rule”.

Are minimum distributions required?

Yes, upon reaching age 70 ½.


Should I speak to an advisor about the best plan for me?



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