Bridget Gets Involved In Her School


Bridget Rooney, from Portsmouth, NH, is best known for her positive outlook, outgoing personality, and work ethic. Bridget is well respected and well-liked by her peers and all the staff  at Portsmouth High School.

Bridget is very involved with her school’s community and one way she makes a huge impact is through Portsmouth’s Unified Club (UC-Portsmouth), which is an inclusive group that plans social events for students with and without disabilities. Bridget is a member of the UC-Portsmouth’s Unified Sports program where she plays as a student volunteer on their soccer, basketball, and track and field teams.

Outside of the Unified Club, Bridget has been an integral leader in Portsmouth’s student volunteer group, Peer Leadership, where she helps lead and attend volunteer opportunities such as serving dinner at the soup kitchen, mentoring elementary students at one of our local elementary schools, beach cleanups, bake sales, a Crossroads holiday donation campaign, PHS campus cleanups, and a food drive for Gather.

Bridget truly cares about making a difference in the lives of those people who are around her, which is why she was chosen as one of our 2022 Nice Catch winners.