Make the Most of Your Purchases with Credit Card Rewards

Here’s a few tips to carry with you when you are selecting the best rewards card for your unique needs.

Keep it Flexible - If you are really loyal to a particular store or company, it might make sense to consider their branded card. However, those cards lock you into the rules and restrictions set by that single brand. A general rewards card, like those offered at Northeast Credit Union, give you the choice to rack up rewards wherever you go.

Track Your Points - Know when it is time to cash in on all that spending. Most rewards cards have minimum points needed to redeem for those rewards, so check to see how much you need. Just as important, check to see when or if those rewards points expire so that you don’t lose out on those well-earned rewards. For Northeast Credit Union, the uChoose Rewards Portal makes it easy to check.

Keep an Eye Out for Promotions - Rewards credit cards will often offer a bonus incentive or a points multiplier throughout the year on certain categories, incentivizing you to get out and earn more back. Northeast Credit Union loves to take part in these kinds of promotions, so keep an eye out for rewards points incentives.

What is the Difference Between Our Rewards Credit Cards and Low-Interest Credit Cards?

  • Our Rewards Credit Card is there for you to rack up reward points through uChoose Rewards and redeem them on the things you love.
  • Our Low-Interest Credit Cards might not earn you points, but they are great for taking advantage of the lower interest rates, in tandem with no balance transfer, cash advance fee or annual fees, helping you pay down that debt more quickly without racking up fees to transferring them over.
  • Both cards save you money by having no annual fees, no cash advance fees, and no balance transfer fees, meaning more of that credit line is yours to use!

Benefits of Our Rewards Credit Cards

Our Rewards Card earns you more on everyday purchases. From gas to groceries, you’ll rack up points with each swipe that can be redeemed on all sorts of rewards. The more you spend, the more you earn.

  • Earn uChoose Rewards
  • Low Interest Rate
  • No Annual Fee
  • 24/7 Fraud Monitoring

What is uChoose Rewards?

uChoose Rewards is the rewards program offered with our Rewards, Signature and Business Visa Credit Cards. It allows you to track and redeem your rewards earned by making purchases with your Northeast CU credit card. Check out what you can redeem with your points using uChoose Rewards:

  • Travel
  • Cash back
  • Gift cards
  • Shopping
  • Charitable donations

Want to learn more about our Northeast Credit Cards? Visit to find the option that is best for you.