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Beyond algebra and history, it’s the lesson of savings that your child will use throughout their life. Teach them the money management skills they’ll need with our hands-on account.

Features & Benefits

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Earn More Interest On Up to $500

Show them that saving really does pay off. Balances up to $500 earns a higher interest rate that grows their savings even faster.

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No Monthly Maintenance Fee

Monthly charges won’t get in the way of the savings — because you’ll never need to pay a monthly fee.

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Free ATM Card

Need to make a withdrawal? Accessing your child’s savings is as simple as using a Northeast ATM card.


Easy Transfer Options, So You Can Help Them Save

Whether it’s a birthday check from grandma or their weekly allowance, it’s easy to move money into this account.


Teach Kid About Money Management

Help your young saver master its ins and outs, from deposits to withdrawals and everything in between.

Student Savings Rates

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Type Interest Rate APY
Up to $500 1.00% 1.00%
$500+ 0.01% 0.01%

Rates effective as of January 29, 2023

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