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Person to Person (P2P) Payments

Pay anyone instantly through Mobile Banking.

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You can pay rent to your landlord, send your roommate money for utilities, even split the bill with friends when eating out - all through your phone. The possibilities are endless!

With this feature, it's easier for you to manage your finances from your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. You must be signed up for our free Bill Pay service to take advantage of this tool.

See how to use p2p



Sending money is quick, easy and secure.

Create a Payee

1. Log in to Mobile Banking
2. Select "Pay Bills" from the menu. (Don't see "Pay Bills"? Sign up for Bill Pay.)
3. Slide to the Payees section
4. Select the + icon to add a new payee
5. Select the Payee Type “Personal' and select the Payment Method “By Email”
6. Enter the Payee’s Information or import from your contacts
7. Create a keyword to be shared with your payee
8. Hit Submit

The payee will then receive a payment activation email. They will need to enter in the keyword that you provided them and then their own funding account information. They can use a routing and account number or a VISA Debit Card number. Once they have activated themselves as a payee, the member can then schedule their payment.

How to Schedule a Payment:

1. In your NECU Mobile App, select “Pay Bills” from the flyout menu
2. Select + icon to make a payment
3. Choose the payee you'd like the payment to go
4. Enter Amount, date and hit submit

That's it! Now you can send money right through your Mobile Banking app!

*The deposit information entered is not stored and used to complete the transaction only.