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Online Security

Security. Privacy. Trust. NECU has you covered.

We take  your online security and privacy seriously. To better protect your personal information, we have incorporated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) into our online banking system. MFA is a series of technology tools we use to help protect your account from fraudulent transactions.

How It Works

When you log on to online banking for the first time, you will be asked to answer three personal verification questions. For your protection, these questions will be used in the future to help identify you in case you log in to online banking on a different computer or device, if you forget your password, or if your online activity appears to be different than what you typically do during an online banking session. All members will also be asked to choose a personal watermark/eStamp image, known only to you. Each time you log in to online banking, this personal image will appear for your verification. Once you validate that the image pictured is the one you have chosen, you can be confident that you are safely connected to NECU's online banking.

Stay Alert. Stay Safe.

As an added value to our members, we have also created a Fraud Prevention Center that provides you with information about protecting yourself from fraud and identity theft, and provides tips on how to protect your personal information.

More Information

As your trusted neighbor for financial products and services, we take our obligation for protecting your personal and financial information seriously. We invite you to contact us at 888-436-1847 with any questions you may have about our security features.