MyFunds Youth Savings

Upgrade their piggy bank.

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Introduce your kiddo to the value of saving at an early age. Whether you’re building a balance or looking to teach them the basics, this account gets them started on the right financial foot.

Features For Your Young Saver

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Earn Higher Interest Up To $500

Balances up to $500 earn a higher rate of interest — so they can see the savings in action, month after month.

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No Monthly Maintenance Fee

Set your child up for success without getting dinged. We’ll never charge a monthly maintenance fee.


Access to Smart Savings Kid's Club

A MyFunds Savings account instantly qualifies them for the Smart Savings Kid’s Club. It’s like their ticket to fun.


Easy Transfer Options, So You Can Help Them Save

From routine transfers to special deposits, moving money into their account is as easy as one, two, three.


Teach The Value Of Saving

Above all else, MyFunds builds a brighter financial future for your child by helping them build lifelong money management skills.

Their Account Is Just a Click or Call Away.

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