Enriching & Nourishing Our Communities Together

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Nourishing is inspiring. It’s energy-giving. It makes us all better, healthier, happier, and it shows. Being here for one another. Believing in each other. Working together to help others grow and thrive, and get to a better place. 

It’s who we are; it has been for years. Join us as we embark on our new mission.

Let’s nourish our communities together by focusing on these impact areas.

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Food Insecurity


Affordable Housing

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When you look at us, you see people with a personal commitment to you, your family, friends and neighbors. You see a strong, thriving member of the community that’s doing well by doing good. One that reminds you we’re all connected, and gives you real, concrete ways to get involved.

You see yourself.

See The Impact

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Nourishing to make
ends meet.

Tracey didn’t realize she’d over-drafted her account and was having a problem with her paycheck being deposited. “The littlest things put you behind nowadays, and at my age that’s really scary,” she said. After hearing the concern in her voice our teller explained how our impact loan works and Tracey’s mood immediately perked up. “I can leave today with money in my account?!” We were able to offer Tracey almost immediate financial relief and, on top of it all, she was in and out in fifteen minutes!


Nourishing in a time
of mourning.

A member’s mom had passed away suddenly, and she came into the credit union with designs on taking out $2,000 from her IRA to pay for the funeral arrangements. We suggested that she use the money from the Impact Loan instead, helped her start the loan process, and closed the very next day. She told us that she flew to Florida the following day with one less thing to worry about.

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A little nourishing and a big doctor’s appointment.

A member stopped in because her debit card wasn’t working. She said she was just trying to put $2 of gas into her car since she only had $4 in her account. We explained how our Impact Loan works and that, even though her credit score wasn’t the best, this simple loan could help get her through a tough time. It was then that she told us she was having a baby and that the money would enable her to get to her doctor’s appointment that afternoon. It really is the little things we may take for granted – food at lunch, enough gas to get to work and back, an umbrella on a rainy day – that make all the difference.