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We are passionate about working together to help our members and communities grow and thrive and get to a better place. As you work hard to achieve your savings goals, we are excited to share two certificate specials to help you on this journey.

Term Interest Rate APY* Minimum Balance
17-Months 4.70% 4.80% $10,000.00**
7-Months Jumbo 4.55% 4.65% $150,000.00*

Rates effective as of April 1, 2023

**Also available for Roth and Traditional IRAs

Why Open a Certificate?

Flexibility_100x100 (1)

Flexible Short Term

(with a higher return on your money than a traditional savings account)

Lock Icons_Papaya_100x100

Guaranteed Rate

(without worrying about market unpredictability)

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Invest What You Want

(Deposit the minimum required to open with no maximum)

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