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Warning Signs of Fraud

Spot the red flags of possible fraud. 

Every day criminals and scam artists target millions of people in an attempt to steal money or confidential banking information. One of the best ways of preventing fraud is through education and familiarizing yourself with the warning signs.

Here are a few ways to spot the warning signs of potential fraud.

Unexpected charges, deposits or withdrawals from your account. Seeing unfamiliar charges or withdrawals from your account, Debit or your Credit Card.

Missing statements or bills. Not receiving statements or bills that you normally expect to arrive in the mail.

Denied Credit or discover unfamiliar items on your credit report. Getting unexpected denials for credit or finding new credit you did not open.

Unsolicited Credit Cards. New Credit cards arriving in the mail that you never applied for.

Startling collection calls. Creditors or debt collectors calling to collect money for debts that aren’t yours.

Denial from medical providers or inaccurate medical bills. Rejected healthcare claims due to records indicating you’ve reached your benefit limits or being denied coverage because of a condition you don’t have, or getting billed for services you didn’t use.

IRS notifications that do not match your employment history. Unanticipated IRS notifications claiming multiple tax returns were filed in your name, you receive W-2 forms for companies you didn’t work for or you get an alert that an online account has been created in your name (or an existing account was accessed or disable) that you didn’t do.

Help us keep you safe

It’s very important that we have your current contact information (including phone numbers for home, work, mobile and email address) in case we need to notify you of a potential fraud risk.

Your participation and immediately responding to our contact efforts is a crucial step in helping to prevent fraud from happening to you.

Contact us with your most up-to-date contact information

Notify us if you will be traveling and using your Debit or Credit Card to avoid service interruptions

• To report Fraud on your Debit or Credit Card, please visit and fill out the form.

Block a lost or stolen card using our Cardvalet® app or by calling 888-436-1847 and select option #3 or through Online Banking under ‘Services’, ‘Lost, Stolen Card’.

Northeast Credit Union will never call, email or send a text message and ask you for your account numbers, PIN or other personal information.