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How to Report Fraud & Disputes

If you believe your account has fallen victim to fraud or you would like to file a dispute, please complete the appropriate form below and a Member Services Representative will reach out to assist. If you need more assistance, please call us at 888.436.1847 or visit any one of our local branches.

Report Fraud

Dispute a Charge


What is fraud?

Fraud is the unauthorized use of a debit or credit card, member account number, or Checking Account number. This means the member did not authorize the charge and does not know who the merchant or person is that was paid. In this instance, Northeast Credit Union's Member Fraud Packet must be completed.

What is a dispute?

A dispute is when a purchase is made with a merchant and one of the following is being disputed:

point.pngDuplicate charge

point.pngThe charge was more than previously agreed upon

point.pngItem/service never received

point.pngQuality of item/service was not as described, etc.

In this instance, file a Dispute Packet and provide proper supporting evidence of the claim (copy of receipt, email communications, etc). If you have questions about what to include with your dispute report, please give us a call at 888-436-1847.

What is a scam?

A scam takes place when an unsuspecting individual gives out their Debit or Credit Card number or account number or other sensitive personal information to someone over the phone, email, through text, online or in person. In these instances, a police report must be filed and no packet needs to be completed as Northeast Credit Union does not have the ability to dispute these types of incidents.