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Scaring up Savings on Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, you can go big without going broke if you use a little ingenuity, a lot of creativity and enlist your own little ghosts and goblins to help.

Make it. Decorations are costly, but why not bust out the markers the scissors, the glue and the glitter and get creative. Map out a plan and gather the gang. One idea: Use a piece of black construction paper as your base and cut out white letters that say things like “Boo!” and “Trick or Treat!”. Another inexpensive idea is to find a fallen branch from outside and tie short black ribbons on it—instant bats in a tree! You can then place them in a vase or hang from the ceiling. Use your imagination.

Plan it. If you live in a busy area, you can go through a whole lot of candy, so be prepared. Start a few months before the holiday and look for deals and specials. Pre-planning can help cut down your bill. Waiting to buy your sweet stash will only cost you more.

Sew it. If you’re a seamstress, then you’ve got it made when it comes to costumes. Sit down with your kids months before the holiday and decide what they would like to masquerade as. Utilizing old clothing, towels, sheets and remnants from a fabric store will all help you save.

Not so crafty? There are also plenty of costumes you can make that don’t require sewing. It’s easy to make animal ears from cardboard that you can attach to a headband, for instance. Makeup you already own can transform your little dear into a little deer.

Buy it. Fact: Halloween will come again next year! So, the day after, head to the store and take advantage of decorations, napkins, costumes, tablecloths, and other spooky items that are on sale. You’ll be ahead of the game next October 31.