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Youth Summer Savings Plan

Winter break is already over so it's time to start planning for your summer vacation. Whether you want to buy a new bike, try out a cool camp, or take swim lessons, if you start right now, you'll have plenty of time to reach your summer savings goal.

  1. Start with your holiday cash. Did you get any money as a gift? Or gift cards you won't use but can sell? This should be your first deposit on your way to success.
  2. Ask around for small jobs where you can earn money while in school. Be a Mother's helper after school or on weekends helping busy moms take care of their children. Collect aluminum cans and earn cash at recycling centers. Have a yard sale of your old toys and clothes.
  3. Got a birthday between now and summer vacation? Skip the new earrings or iTunes card and ask for cash!
  4. Get an allowance? Buckle down and spend less at the vending machines or mall so you can out more money toward your summer goal.

Just a few small tweaks to your spending and saving routine and before you know you'll be celebrating your achievement.