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Renew, Refresh, Reset

The New Year gives us all a chance to start fresh. Assess how your kids are doing in some key areas and help them make changes if necessary, so they can tackle 2019 in the best way possible.

1. Take a look at how allowance is working. Allowance should be age appropriate and so should discussions around it. Giving kids money for doing chores (which is the most popular way kids earn allowance), gives you the opportunity to discuss saving and spending habits. While allowance should give a child the chance to spend on what he/she wants, parents can guide these decisions and help children use their weekly money wisely.

2. Checking on the chores. It’s healthy for kids to have chores. It not only helps the family run smoothly when everybody has a job, but also teaches kids how to be collaborative team players. While kids might complain about having to do chores, don’t let them blow-off their assigned weekly tasks. Make sure they understand why it’s important for everyone to pitch in and how it can help them down the road.

3. Here, here for the volunteer. Raising kids to volunteer from an early age is a small way you can actually make the world a better place! When kids learn to give back, they not only begin to see how they can help others, but that they should. Discuss the merits of volunteering. Allow your child to choose a cause they are interested in, and talk to them about the feeling it gives them to help others.

4. Keep them talking. Keeping the lines of communication open with your children as they mature can help them resist peer pressure and risky behavior. So, make a habit of asking them about their day, friends, what and where they’re going and who they’re going with. Bring up current events that give them an opportunity to share their views. The more you encourage them to be open with you, the easier it will be to stay on top of the challenges they face and help them change course, if necessary.

Bottom Line: The New Year is a great time to check in with your kids and support them in hitting the reset button on anything that isn’t working to their best advantage.