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Money Games For Kids

Engaging kids in learning about money can be easy if you make it fun. There are a number of simple games you can play that will capture their imaginations, while teaching them about finances.

Sorting Fun. For young kids, sorting coins into different piles can be educational. Not only will it familiarize them with the shapes and denominations, it’s good for their dexterity. The advanced form of this game is throwing a few dollars worth of coins into a jar, and then asking your child to close his eyes, while you take a certain amount of the coins out of the jar. Your child then has to tell you how much is missing. It’s basic subtraction, but using coins gets them thinking about money. They can also play this with a sibling or friend.

The Work-At-Home Program. Using play money, pay your child for doing simple chores around the house. At the end of a week, make a list of things they can buy with their earnings, such as 15 minutes more of screen time, a breakfast of their choice, a favorite after school snack, or special play date.

Go for a Ride. While taking your kids to school or activities, play a game of “How Much is That Car?” Set your sights on a car driving by and ask everyone to make a guess. One child then looks it up on his/her cell phone to see how much the car really costs. This game can teach your children the disparity in vehicle prices and can allow you to begin a conversation about the way an adult must balance a budget and how the cost of a car might affect that budget.

Teaching kids about money and making it fun is a surefire way for them to learn some of the basics they can carry into their financial future.