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Making the Summer Work

When school ends, your kids have lots of time on their hands. Help them solve summer boredom with a job! This can teach them about hard work and responsibility, as well as how good it feels to make their own money.

Household Help. For younger kids who are not yet ready to enter the working world, make an expanded list of chores they can help with during the summer months. Create a chart with all their responsibilities, so they know what is expected. Discuss payment in advance. They can store money in a piggy bank, or financial institution, where you can open them their first savings account.

For Crying Out Loud! For many teens, babysitting is their first taste of employment. Most kids begin to do this at 13. Prior to that, kids who are 10 – 12 can be mother’s helpers, not being alone with kids, but helping to occupy them with a parent in the vicinity. Both of these jobs require your child to be responsible, to have the maturity to work with both parents and children, and to deal with negotiating their very first pay rate.

Go Play in the Yard. Mowing lawns, raking, helping with gardening and shrub cutting can be a lucrative business for your teens during the summer months. Encourage your kids to create flyers and hand them out to neighbors. This requires marketing and manual labor in the great outdoors.

Ruff, Ruff, Meow. If you have an animal-loving child, animal care can be just the thing. From dog walking to caring for cats or other small pets when a friend or neighbor is away, your child gets a lesson in the importance of being responsible.

Let’s Go To The Mall. Kids over 16 can work in a retail environment. Working with management, the public, and making sure to be on time can teach a teen a lot about later work environments and the responsibility required to maintain a professional job.