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Kids & Finances

Out There in the World

While parents and families are encouraged to make financial learning an ongoing and everyday practice, it’s wise to find ways outside of your home to teach children about the vital importance of understanding money. Here are some ideas to up your children’s financial learning in 2019 that take the pressure off of you.

Get a Jumpstart on it. New Hampshire JumpStart Coalition (NHJC) began back in 2000, as a statewide, all volunteer, non-profit association committed to helping children improve their financial literacy. From pre-school to college age, NHJC helps kids of all ages with advocacy, research, activities, standards and educational resources in preparation for life-long successful financial decision-making.

Let your kids babysit. For many kids, babysitting is the beginning of their work life! Aside from the responsibility of taking care of children, babysitting offers an opportunity to talk to your children about the multiple aspects of having a job. You can cover everything from marketing (how they can get clients) to money management (the spend/save ratio of their earnings) to how to determine their wage (hourly vs. flat rate). While babysitting can be thought of as a rite-of-passage, it’s also a great financial educator.

Calling all boys and girls. The Boys & Girls Clubs of New Hampshire is all about empowering kids to be their best. Older kids can volunteer at the many fundraising opportunities the club holds, including auctions, and road races. The Boys & Girls Club of America offers a course called Money Matters, promoting financial responsibility and independence for club members ages 13-18. This informative course teaches participants how to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest, start small businesses and pay for college.

Finding opportunities for kids to learn about money are everywhere and don’t just have to be in the home. Keep your eyes peeled for resources that can help.