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Financial Independence for High Schoolers

One of the best ways to enhance your child’s financial education is to help them open a checking account when they reach high school. A checking account will teach your child numerous hands-on lessons and also make them feel like the budding adults they are.


There is no doubt you will talk to your child about the importance of not overspending when they get a checking account. Parents often can feel like their young ones won’t be able to accomplish this, but let them know you believe they’re ready. After all, you’ve been teaching them to be responsible with money throughout their lives! After you impress upon them how vital it is to balance their spending with income through their online or mobile banking, wait and see how it goes. They may be motivated to show you how mature they are by acing this test!


High school, especially during the last two years, stirs up the need and desire for more independence. Having a checking account that puts your child in control of something important, their money will foster the independence they’re craving, and show them just how well they can stand on their own two feet. Confidence booster!


A checking account will force your child to take a serious look at their organizational skills (or lack thereof). They will learn a valuable lesson the first time they overdraw their account and experience the consequences.


If your child begins with the real-world experience of having a checking account during high school, they begin a life-long habit of spending within their means. Establishing good habits early on impacts a child’s life forever.

Opening a checking account for kids in their teens can really encourage them to get real about money. Learning by doing is powerful and can impact your child’s financial goals in a positive way.