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Earn Money during School Vacation

February vacation is right around the corner, and the kids in your life already have plans to sleep in on the weekdays, hit the slopes, and have sleepovers with their friends. While there’s plenty of time for them to thrive in vacation mode – there are also opportunities for them to earn money and make the most of their new found free time!

Ways kids can earn money every day this February vacation:

1. Brrrrr! Kids can dress in warm layers and offer to walk the neighbor's dogs around the block! February’s cold weather is a great opportunity to do some good in the neighborhood while making a few bucks.

2. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate on a cold day? With your help, they can set up a table at the nearest sledding hill, community ice rink, or in front of your house and sell hot chocolate to those who are sure to need a cup of joy and warmth.

3. Chopping wood to keep the house warm can be a lonely chore. Offer your kids a few extra bucks to help you with chores like these, and they can learn the importance of helping around the house while spending quality family time.

4. Get creative! People love buying homemade items made with tender loving care, so help your kids gather craft materials, and they can make something from the heart to sell. Some examples include knitting scarves, handmade cards, or bracelets.

5. Some families choose to use their school vacations to travel. If you know a family nearby who will be leaving for the week, have your kids offer to house sit. They can water plants, bring in their mail, and clean their house while they’re away! Coming home to a clean house is sure to earn a few extra dollars.

6. One of the best ways to spend a cold winter day is to bake yummy treats – it will make the house smell good as well! Pull out the recipe book and help them bake some of their favorite treats, and sell to those in your neighborhood.

7. School break is a great time to catch up on homework and learning skills for the coming months. Have them ask their friends and their siblings if anyone needs help learning any subjects that they are strong in – they’ll feel great helping someone out and earn money at the same time!

8. If it snows during vacation, they can offer to shovel driveways and porches for anyone in the area – not only will you get paid; you’ll get a great work out as well!

School vacations are full of good times and laughs, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to make a few dollars to put away for a rainy day or a financial goal they’ve been trying to reach. Once they’ve collected their earnings, educate them to put it in a safe savings account. If your child is new to the banking game – visit any local NECU branch, call 1.888.436.1743, or online at and open a youth savings account.