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Be Kind. It’s Easy!

At NECU, we believe in the enormous power of kindness. Teaching kids how to be kind is a way for you, and for them to make the world a better place. Here are 15 ways to get your kids onboard.

1. Everyone has a neighbor that could use a hand. Whether they’re elderly or have young kids, your children can help with simple chores that can really impact their day.

2. Teachers are doing more than ever these days. Your child can help with end of day clean-up or other classroom jobs.

3. If friends or neighbors are ill or away, have your children offer to take care of their pets, collect their mail, or water their plants.

4. Life for the elderly can be challenging. Teach your kids to help seniors cross the street, carry a grocery bag, or even just greet them with a friendly “Hello.”

5. Your kids can visit senior living communities and brighten up a resident’s day.

6. Teach your kids to use “Please” and “Thank You.” Manners count and can boost someone’s self-esteem to know what they did was appreciated.

7. Let your kids know that greeting police and firefighters, crossing guards and other community helpers is respectful and appreciated.

8. Leave anonymous notes of praise everywhere. Example: for a waitress/waiter, a friend, or under a sibling’s pillow.

9. Have your children read to neighborhood kids or someone with sight impairment.

10. Teach your kids to surprise you and offer their help when you least expect it!

11. Have your kids routinely look through their toys and clothing to see what they’re no longer using and donate it to a shelter.

12. Teach your kids about the power of a smile. A smile can break the ice or make someone feel comfortable when they are not.

13. Compliment someone. Make sure your kids know that telling someone they did a good job or they look nice is a powerful thing. Everybody does better when somebody appreciates them.

14. Encourage a friend. Teaching kids to be encouraging can really make a positive impression on others.

15. Spread the love. From family to friends, teach your children to say “I love you,” There are no more impactful words.

There are unlimited ways of being kind that can actually improve our world. Teach your kids that each of us has the power and responsibility to make our world a better place to live and that it can be pretty easy to do!

We want to hear your kindness stories. Share them with us at THELYC.COM.