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20 Wise Ways to Earn a Buck.

Although helping around the house should be expected of any child, using chores as an opportunity to earn a little money is a good way to start smart saving habits at a young age. Focus on activities that go above and beyond what is expected of your kids:

Ages 5-7:

1. Feed the dog or cat
2. Sort the mail
3. Help gather the laundry or sort colors
4. Gather the little trash cans around the house.
5. Tidy the living room and kitchen

Ages 8-12

6. Fold blankets or laundry
7. Help put away clean dishes
8. Sweep the floor
9. Rake the yard
10. Carry groceries in and help put them away
11. Clean out the car

Ages 13-15

12. Help take care of your sibling
13. Collect and bring out the trash
14. Clean the bathrooms
15. Mow the lawn
16. Wash windows and dust
17. Make dinner
18. Clean out and organize closets
19. Clean out the garage or shed
20. Wash and vacuum floors