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It's Home Improvement Time

You'd love a new kitchen, but the kids really want a swimming pool. And a finished basement sure would be nice. Tips on how to maximize your investment – and how to come up with the cash.

Most Americans dream of owning their own home, and once that dream comes true, most of us move into the next phase: home improvement. In fact, people are more likely to spend money on home improvements than on vacations or entertainment.

Some home improvement projects are a slam dunk. If you can update your kitchen with paint, a new floor and maybe an appliance or two, you'll easily recoup your investment  when it's time to sell. On the other hand, if you live in Alaska and you're thinking of putting in a swimming pool – you may want to think again.

The following chart can help you evaluate the potential payoff for various home improvement projects.



Average Payback

Basic kitchen re-do



Major kitchen remodeling



Adding a bathroom



New deck



Finishing a basement



Ten new windows



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