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Budget-friendly summer vacations

There's nothing like a summer vacation to help you relax, recharge, and reconnect as a family. If your budget is a little tight this year, consider these four vacation strategies:

  • Go condo!

Instead of renting hotel rooms by the night, look for a condo, villa or house you can rent. This is a big money-saver if you are traveling with a group of people. It also allows you to cut down on restaurant bills.
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  • Swap homes.

Want to visit Rome? Maybe an Italian family would like to visit your home town! Naturally, this option isn't for everyone. But the trend is catching on.
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  • Think off season.

Summer is high season at Disneyland, but you just might have a swanky ski resort or a Caribbean beach all to yourself. Off-season travel can save you 50% or more on accommodations.
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  • Come see us.

Whatever it is you have been dreaming of, let us help you achieve it with a low rate Personal Loan. NECU can help make your dreams affordable.
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Bon voyage!