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Choosing the Right Credit Card

Credit cards have proven to be safe and effective tools to manage your money and budget needs. You need to match your spending and paying personality to the credit cards available to ensure you choose the right credit card for you and your personal situation.

Do you use a credit card for convenience only and intend to pay the balance in full each month? Then look for a card that rewards you with points or cash back. Since you'll be using the card instead of cash, you can use it frequently and exclusively without concern for the interest rate.

Need to use your card while vacationing? Look for a card that offers travel benefits like rental car insurance, travel insurance, concierge service or discounts on hotel rooms.

Anticipate carrying a balance? You need a card that has a low-interest rate so that you're not paying more than you have to for the convenience of credit.

Want to help support your favorite charity or local community organization? Affinity cards donate a percentage of usage back to the sponsor organization.

Read up on all the types of cards available at then stop by and let's talk about your options.