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How Do I Get a Motorcycle Loan?

Are you thinking of purchasing your first motorcycle or upgrading to a newer ride? We can help! With great low rates and a quick application process, we can help bring your dream of owning a new toy to real life.

Before you apply for a motorcycle loan, we want to share with you some helpful financial tips before you take the next step. Researching, planning and preparing are the keys to financial success. We not only want to help bring your dream to reality; we want to make sure we can help make your future dreams come true.

STEP 1. Know Your Credit Score. Before you submit a motorcycle loan application, take a look at your credit report. Your credit score shows lenders your financial payment history and determines which rate you qualify for. If you have one slight hiccup on your credit report this can affect the final loan decision.

It’s best to review your credit report before submitting an application (visit for a free copy). If you find errors, contact the credit reporting bureau to get them corrected before submitting an application.

STEP 2. Create a Budget. Before you apply for a loan, review your finances to find out how much you can afford to spend. Don’t stretch yourself too thin and far in debt that it’s difficult to make your loan payments. Remember to factor in monies for maintenance and unforeseen repairs.

STEP 3. Avoid Financing Mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the loan or ask for a lower loan amount. Consider your interest rate and available loan terms for financing. If you choose to finance for a longer term, your monthly payment will be lower. However, you’ll be paying more in finance charges. Review your finances carefully and be sure to choose wisely for what you can afford. Sometimes paying more in finance charges makes your monthly payment affordable and within your budget.

STEP 4. Do Your Research. Shop around and do a quick search of comparable bike options in your area from dealers, websites and private sales. Consider purchasing a used motorcycle versus new to help save a few dollars in your budget.

Avoiding a few common mistakes is the key to having a good experience when financing a motorcycle. If you’re ready to start the application process – we’re ready to help. Visit us online at today to get started.