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For many of us, the summer season means traveling and many miles logged on the roadways. With the summer season in full swing, now is a great time to make a quick maintenance check of your vehicle before taking off on a long trip. Forgetting to check everything out thoroughly could spell potential disaster when you're on the road and far from home as well as your neighborhood mechanic.

According to The Car Care Council, these are the first places to look:

Fluids. Ask your mechanic to replace or top off the following: antifreeze/coolant, transmission, engine oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, and power steering fluid.

Filters. Your air filter strains the impurities and should be changed in order to protect the engine. Filters for the transmission fluid, oil and gasoline, should be also checked.

Brakes. Although brakes are constructed with built in "squealers" to alert motorists to declining conditions, it's a good idea to have them examined before any long trip.

Battery. While cold weather affects a battery's starting ability, hot weather also takes its toll, making a long trip with a weak battery a potential danger zone. Tires. Make sure that your tires treads are deep enough, are properly inflated, and have been correctly rotated, balanced and aligned. 

From all of us at Northeast Credit Union, we wish you safe and fun summer adventures with your friends and family.

Thanks to our partners at CUDL AutoSmart for these great tips!