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College Savings

Help young savers plan for their future!

Earning a $1,000 interest gift is an easy way to help your young saver finance their future after high school. Simply:

  • Open a college savings account with as little as $100
  • Make a deposit to the account of $50 or more each month until the child turns 18
  • When the child turns 18, we will deposit a $1,000 interest gift into his or her account
  • Account must be opened before the child's 6th birthday

Parents and Grandparents will also love the great features of this savings account. Our College Savings account:

  • Has no monthly maintenance fees
  • Can be opened with as little as $100
  • Allows for one "skipped" month's deposit per the calendar year
  • Can be easily set up so that family members can make automatic deposits or transfers from their NECU account into the College Savings account
  • $1,000 interest gift from us when the child turns 18!

It’s Easy to Open an Account!

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