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VISA® Prepaid Card FAQs

Q. How do I purchase a VISA® Prepaid card?

  • At any one of our branch locations. You must be an NECU member to purchase a VISA® prepaid card

Q. What is the cost to purchase the VISA® Prepaid card?

  • $5.00 for a standard instant issue
  • $10.00 for a personalized card with the name. Includes shipping and handling and mailed directly to you in 7-10 business days

Q. Are there any fees associated with my VISA® Prepaid card?

  • After 6 months of non-consecutive use then $2.50 per month thereafter
  • A $.75 fee applied when reloading the card at a Readylink location (additional fees may apply)
  • Depositing checks using remote deposit capture feature through Ingo Money app on a mobile device. Funds are available in 10-days. To have funds available sooner, a $5.00 fee applies for earlier availability.
  • Reloading card online via  with an NECU debit or credit card. Fee $1.25. Funds immediately available.
  • See fee schedule for activity usage in card booklet for a full list of fees. Or visit or call customer service at 1-866-906-4170.
  • ACH direct deposit through an employer (see direct form on ). Funds availability depends on employer payroll cycles and process.

Q. Where can I use my VISA® Prepaid card?

  • Worldwide where Visa® is accepted. Pay bills, online, mail & over the phone
  • Make purchases using your signature, PIN number or get cash back at ATMs 

Q. How do I add funds onto my card?

Q. Are there dollar limitations when adding funds to my card?

  • Up to $2,000. Minimum $0, maximum $2,000. Maximum $2,000 balance a prepaid card can have within a 48 hour period

Q. What happens to my refund if I return a purchase?

  • Returned purchases will be credited back to the card

Q. How do I check my balance and/or view my transaction history?

Q. How many times can I add money to my card?

  • 30 times maximum limit on instant issue cards
  • Unlimited reloads on personalized cards

Q. How do I contact customer service for help?

Q. What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

  • As long as you’ve registered your card online, immediately suspend the use of your card and report it lost or stolen online or call VISA® MAP at 1-866-906-4170. A card can be replaced if cardholder contact information is registered at Suspend and reactivate your card anytime online. No fee for replacement cards. 
  • With VISA® zero liability policy, you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases made on your card. This covers transactions done in the U.S. and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transitions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify Northeast Credit Union promptly of any unauthorized use.

Q. What if there are fraudulent transactions on my card?

  • For all fraud and dispute related inquiries please contact customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online at or by phone at 1-866-906-4170

Q. Does my VISA® Prepaid card expire?

  • Non-personalized cards: 2 years from the time card was manufactured
  • Personalized cards: 2 years from the time card was ordered by the card purchaser