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Identity Theft Restoration Service

Protect your wallet and your identity.

The most important reason for joining Benefits Plus® is its assistance with identity theft restoration. Here is a snapshot of what they offer

Restoration Rescue1

Benefits Plus® offers an identity theft restoration service called Restoration Rescue®. This service offers crucial advice toward restoring your credit if you are ever the victim of fraud or theft of your identity. It also assists with legal matters, reporting, and other processes if you do fall victim to such a crime. Members can even download the app and notify Benefits Plus® anytime they have suffered a breach.

Children's Coverage2

Adults are not the only ones who fall victim to identity theft. When a child's identity is stolen, the discovery often occurs when parents are attempting to open a savings account or college fund, when bills and pre-approved credit card offers come in the mail for the child, or when a teen is denied a driver's license because another person has their Social Security Number as their ID. When you sign up for Benefits Plus' Restoration Rescue, you can have peace of mind knowing your children under the age of 18 are automatically covered.

Lost Document Recovery

Once you have activated Restoration Rescue® coverage, Benefits Plus® will help with lost document recovery. If you currently are working with the Benefits Plus® recovery team Restoration Rescue® will reimburse you for the cost of replacing documents related to your covered identity theft event.

Credit Reports

Checking your credit report is not only for loan applications, but is also an additional way to check for suspicious activity on your accounts. Benefits Plus® provides information and access to your credit reports and your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It also provides a service if requested which will remind you when it is time to check your credit report.

Fraud Reports

Benefits Plus® walks you through the process of setting up fraud alerts with credit reporting agencies as an added security measure.

Junk Mail Reduction

You can elect to be removed from pre-screened solicitations for credit and insurance offers, thereby reducing the possibility of the information getting into the wrong hands. 

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To find out more about these offers and other security services offered by Benefits Plus®, simply contact a Member Services Representative at 888-436-1847 or visit your local branch during business hours.