Person To Person Payments

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To family, friends, co-workers — wherever it’s headed, get your funds there fast in just a few taps. Simply sign up for mobile Bill Pay to turn your smartphone into a money moving machine.

Send Your Money in a Few Steps.


Log into Mobile Banking.


Select "Pay Bills" from the menu.

Don't see "Pay Bills"? Sign up for Bill Pay.

Slide to the Payees section.


Select the + icon to add a new payee.


Select the Payee Type “Person" and Payment Method “By Email” or "Directly".


Enter the Payee’s Information or import from your contacts.


Create a keyword to be shared with your payee.


Hit Submit.

The payee will then receive a payment activation email. They will need to enter in the keyword that you provided them and then their own funding account information. They can have the funds transfer to their banking account at Northeast Credit Union or another Financial Institution or on to their VISA® Debit Card. Once they have activated themselves as a payee, you can then schedule your payment.