Northeast Credit Union Foundation’s Impactful Partnership with Mainspring

In the spirit of community, the Northeast Credit Union Foundation is proud to support Mainspring. This collaborative initiative addresses the challenges of those living in poverty with a holistic approach in reducing homelessness and food insecurity, while providing basic resources for individuals and families seeking assistance.

The idea behind Mainspring was conceptualized when Emily Flinkstrom, Executive Director of Fair Tide (Kittery, ME), and Megan Shapiro-Ross, Executive Director of Footprints (Kittery, ME) had a conversation about working together and sharing in one another’s mission to better support the challenges of living on a low income for many members of the community. Emily and Megan reached out to their network, including the Northeast Credit Union Foundation, to be part of a new collaborative space that provides those in need of comprehensive services and care at a one-stop resource located at 22 Shapleigh Road, Kittery, Maine.

Most people seeking social services enter the system through a single agency, where an intake process typically involves an appointment, applications, and sharing with strangers the most personal details of their lives. More often than not, because these individuals would benefit from services offered by other agencies, they are sent off to repeat this time-intensive and emotionally draining process over and over again, always subject to the hours and availability of any one program. Social service agencies do their best to coordinate care, but without a system in place to do so with ease, they often end up working in silos. Seeking and receiving assistance can be a full-time job, resulting in only short-term solutions, which is why Mainspring was created.

Scheduled to open in Fall 2024, Mainspring will provide various resources under one roof to help community members with housing, food insecurity, health care, adult education, financial literacy, fuel and utility assistance, and more. Additionally, on-site resources include a community garden, a daytime warming and cooling center, shower facilities, and access to computers, printers, and the internet.

We believe this collaborative partnership will be the future of community support. The Northeast Credit Union Foundation is proud to stand alongside Mainspring by supporting this initiative with a $30,000 grant to help meet the needs of the programming being offered.

Our shared commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those around us is at the core of our values. Together, we can create a community where compassion, support, and kindness are the cornerstones of our shared journey. The Mainspring initiative provides one location with much needed resources to build a thriving community.

To learn more about Mainspring and/or donate to this community initiative, please visit their website at