Northeast CU Recognizes Employees Who Go Above & Beyond

Northeast CU Recognizes Employees Who Go Above and Beyond

Northeast Credit Union’s Employee of the Quarter Award is presented to the employee who consistently goes above and beyond, by demonstrating teamwork, integrity, respect and excellence while delivering exceptional service.
Congratulations to Chelsea Loe, Sanford Branch Manager and our 2nd Quarter Award Recipient and Danielle Cray, Contact Center Service Team Leader and our 3rd Quarter Award Recipient. While Chelsea and Danielle have different roles, they share a passion for helping people and a commitment to serving our members and community.

Meet Chelsea Loe, Employee of the 2nd Quarter


Chelsea’s award nomination speaks to her dedication, “Chelsea selflessly helps other branches when they are in need, even when it adds an extra 30 minutes to her commute each day. She gives her time, energy and her knowledge, to ultimately and selflessly help the organization be better.”

Chelsea has been with Northeast for more than 2 and a half years now and is energized by coaching and developing her staff to success.

Career Advice
“Anyone can be a leader no matter their title- Lead and SHINE where you are now and the roles you aspire to will come!”

First Job
My first job was waitressing in a very busy popular beach restaurant. I learned so many valuable skills that contribute to a successful work ethic like leadership, multi-tasking, sense of urgency, responsibility, and customer service.

Work | Life Balance
I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful little boys and a dog! Family time is so important to me - I love our fun adventures! I’m an avid reader, belong to many book clubs, love to bake and I even have my own side baking hobby developing delicious recipes that I share on my website.

Meet Danielle, Employee of the 3rd Quarter

Danielle Cropped photoDanielle’s award nomination speaks to what makes her special, “She always asks why so she can better understand how to help. She has a go-getter work ethic, is thoughtful and willing to pitch in and help however she can.”

Having been with Northeast for 3 years, Danielle enjoys that there are no two days alike and that she’s constantly learning from both her peers and her mentors.

Fun Fact
I have no sense of smell. (Thank goodness smell is not a requirement for being an awesome Contact Center Team Leader!)

What career advice would you give to someone?
Always stay open minded and be willing to learn new tasks to diversify your skills and widen your knowledge in any way possible! You never know when a past skill will come in handy!

Work | Life Balance
Danielle shares her free time with her two cats Wynn and Keele and her fiancée Elayna who she plans to marry in May 2022!