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Notary Public & Medallion Guarantee

Notary Services

Members may have documents notarized free of charge during regular business hours at any one of our branch locations.  

What you need to bring:

• Un-expired, government-issued photo identification for everyone whose signature is being notarized

• The documents that need the notarization -- Do not sign until you are in front of the notary


Medallion Signature Guarantee

A Signature Guarantee is used for selling, redeeming or transferring securities such as stocks or mutual funds. One of the main purposes of the Signature Guarantee is to protect the securities owner by preventing fraudulent transfers.

We will verify that your signature is genuine, that you are the appropriate person to sign the request, and that you are acting in your legal capacity to sign the transaction request form. Since we accept liability for any forgery, we are required to verify more information than is needed when your signature is notarized.

What you need to bring:

• One form of identification, can be an un-expired photo ID such as a driver's license or state issued ID

• A document proving your ownership of the security, such as a recent account statement

•  Verification of the approximate value of the securities involved

•  All joint owners of the security, as they will also need to sign (they will also need one form of ID)

In some special cases, we may need other documents that demonstrate your legal capacity to act on the account.

Before visiting a branch for a Medallion Signature Guarantee, please call us at 1-888-436-1847 to make an appointment.