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Onspot Financing

Credit Union Financing for your Customers

OnSpot Financing™ benefits credit unions, retail providers and consumers:
  • Adds membership benefit for NECU members. Using the optional "Find a Provider Toolkit," members can quickly search for local participating retail providers and apply for pre-approved loan directly through the OnSpot Financing website.
  • Retailers and service providers gain access to thousands of potential new customers and eliminate the need to provide lay-away plans or costly & time consuming in-house financing. Retailers pay a one-time start-up fee, then a low monthly fee for access to the portal (call 888-436-1847) for more information)
  • By providing point-of-purchase financing, retailers and service providers enable their customers to make purchase decisions with confidence, knowing the funding comes from a trusted local source at a great rate.
OnSpot Financing facilitates NECU retail loans for:
  • Medical Services (including dental and cosmetic surgery)
  • Home Improvement (such as window replacement, remodeling)
  • Solar Power Installation
  • Recreation (pools and spas)
  • Vehicle Repairs and Service
  • And much, much more!

Watch this short video for more information or visit for more information

For a product demo please contact our Call Center at 888-436-1847