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Easily Transfer Your High-Rate Credit Card Balances

If you have balances on store credit cards and other high-rate credit cards, consolidate them to one low-rate Northeast Credit Union Visa® Credit Card. With no balance transfer fees and low rates, you’ll have your bills paid off in no time.

Easily transfer your other credit card balances:

  • Online Banking: Log into online banking, click ‘Transfer’. In the ‘transfer funds from’ drop down select your credit card. In the ‘transfer funds to’ drop down, select your checking account and that’s it! Funds are immediately available for you to use. This is the fastest, easiest way!

  • Schedule An Appointment: To schedule an over the phone or in person meeting with a Member Services Representative, please visit

  • Electronic Transfer: Pay off your other high interest rate credit cards directly from their website using your Northeast Credit Union Visa® Credit Card. *Please note, this option is only available if a credit card payment option is available.

  • By Phone: Simply call 1-888-436-1847, choose ‘option 1’ for automated banking and follow the automated prompts to transfer funds from your credit card to your checking account.

  • Request Checks: Call 888-436-1847 to ask one of our friendly Member Service Representatives to mail VISA® checks to you.

Don't have a Northeast Credit Union Visa® Credit Card? Find the right card that best suits you.

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