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We've been working hard this year to save our members money. Look how much we've already saved!


Read some of our savings stories.

point.pngWow - $5,800 a year savings with the refinance of an auto loan! Thanks to the savings savvy of our Berlin Team, one member has some extra money in his pocket and more pep in his step!

point.pngAll those credit cards in your wallet could be costing you! Our Exeter Branch saved one member over $1,500 a year by consolidating four high-interest rate credit cards to one lower interest rate Northeast VISA® Preferred Card – that’s not only a savings in money but think of the time earned back not having to pay those bills!

point.pngOur Portsmouth team helped a member roll two high-interest rate credits cards into one personal loan which resulted in a savings of over $1,400 annually. Now that’s a savings to celebrate!

point.pngIs your auto loan weighing you down? Our Northwood team helped a member refinance their auto loan which saved them $1,200 a year! You could drive with confidence (and extra jingle in your pocket) by taking advantage of a quick review of your current loans and credit cards!

point.pngVroom! Vroom! Jeff at our Conway branch helped a member save over $1,900 a year by refinancing an auto and a snowmobile loan!

point.pngEquity in your auto could mean shoring up your finances! Pat from our Dover branch helped a member save over $2,800 year by refinancing his truck and paying off a higher rate credit card!

point.pngSaving money and upgrading your snowmobile! Sounds too good to be true, but one member was able to do just that with the help of our Kennebunk Savings Team. He’s saving more than $1,500 a year and enjoying his new ride during the best part of the season!

point.pngTwo higher rate credit cards consolidated saved a member in Manchester over $3,120 a year! What could you do with an extra $3,120 a year?

point.pngCredit card debt can be a real downer but thanks to our Northwood team, who helped one member pay off three credit cards and save over $1,500 a year! That’s a member who is breathing a whole lot easier without all those extra bills!

The savings are piling up as we work to help our members review their loans and credit cards and find ways to tackle debt together!

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*Actual savings may vary depending on your situation.