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Meet Our Nice Catch Winners!

Andrew Silsby - 17 Years Old

Andrew SilsbyAfter being diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 5 years old and later overcoming this, Andrew put his efforts towards helping improve the quality of life for other children battling cancers like him. He most recently demonstrated this by founding and organizing the Swing for Jaclyn Charity Golf Tournament raising nearly $30,000 after the first two events! He is now organizing the 3rd annual event, and we wish him the best of luck and praise for his acts of kindness! 


Jordyn Martel - 8 Years Old

Jordyn MartelJordyn was nominated by her teacher for her strong sense of empathy and kindness towards others. Leading by example, she has shown her classmates, teachers, and administration how to treat everyone with kindness and respect.



 Grace Howe - 8 Years Old

3.jpgGrace was nominated for her participation in an initiative known as RACK (or Random Acts of Christmas Kindness). During the month of December, Grace performs a random act of kindness for that day by pulling a random written task out of a bag. Among her favorite acts of kindness are feeding the horses carrots and peppermints, leaving quarters on the vending machines at grocery stores for other parents and children to receive prizes, and creating toiletry baskets for her teachers.


Casey Phelps - 8 Years Old

2.jpgCasey was nominated for his cheer and kindness; being known for leading the school with the Pledge of Allegiance, daily announcements, and wishing each student a happy birthday on their special day! Casey shows his love the for the community by leading the community service project in their second-grade classroom and brightening the atmosphere wherever he goes! 


Makena Smirles - 5 Years Old

6.jpgMakena, along with her parents and younger twin sisters, known as “The Smirles Girls”, is performing 52 Random Acts of Kindness for each week of 2018. Makena is already known in her community for her kind deeds, and we would like to recognize her as a Nice Catch Award Winner! Please give another round of applause as we prepare for the first pitches!



Alexis Noel - 16 Years Old

6.jpgAlexis was nominated for her kind heart and desire to help those in need. She created kits filled with items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, scarves and money from her own pockets to hand out to the homeless on the streets of Boston. We’d like to honor Alexis for her charity and desire to spread kindness as well.



Hannah Vigeant - 11 Years Old

6.jpgHannah was nominated for her strength and kindness towards others. Whether she’s volunteering her time at Cystic Fibrosis events, a disease she is fighting herself, Make-A-Wish, or #HawksCare events, she is known for spreading positive energy to all who are near. We believe she is a truly admirable nice kid who deserves to be recognized.



Meghan Morin - 12 Years Old

6.jpgMeghan made a New Year’s resolution in 2017 to give back to the community – and she has continually lived up to her goal. Meghan volunteers her time by baking cookies to sell and raise money for non-profits each month such as St. Jude’s Hospital, Manchester Police Athletic League, Alzheimer’s disease, Shriners Hospital, and so many more. Whether Meghan is baking for a cause or visiting the local nursing homes, she’s known for her generosity and desire to give back to her community.



Tyler Joslin - 11 Years Old

6.jpgTyler was nominated for his kind spirit and heart of gold. He enjoys volunteering his time at the Methuen SPCA where he reads to the animals. Having three dogs, two rabbits, two quail, a hamster and multiple fish – it is no surprise where his love of animals comes from.




Miia Bella Cripps - 10 Years Old

6.jpgMiia was nominated by a teacher who took notice to her kind actions. Miia is known by her teachers and peers at school as a generous and patient friend who goes out of her way to pay a compliment, teach her peers new skills, and brighten the days of those around her.




Ryan Cummings - 11 Years Old

6.jpgRyan has been nominated for his compassion and kindness towards all. He is known by his peers, faculty, and family for being a friend to all who continuously puts the needs of others before himself. In his spare time, Ryan volunteers with the local Special Olympics team and enjoys spending time with the wonderful people involved.




Niko Martin - 16 Years Old

Despite his battles with leukemia and vascular necrosis, Niko continuously shows his kindness by helping other children battling diseases who face bullying and other adversities. One example of his kindness towards others was his decision to share money raised from a fundraiser for him with another little girl who was much sicker than he. We’d like to recognize Niko for his kind heart and generous action.