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Economic Impact Payments (Government Stimulus Checks)

Answering your Frequently Asked Questions 

We know you might have questions about Economic Impact Payments (EIP) and what they mean for you, and we want to share as much as we know about the program to help keep you informed.

We also encourage you to visit for the latest information about the payments, including answers to questions about eligibility, payment amounts, what to expect, when to expect it and more. We will also continue to monitor and update our resources.

What are Economic Impact Payments?

Who issues Economic Impact Payments?

Who qualifies for the Second Round of Economic Impact Payments?

Do I have to take any action to receive my payment?

How do I receive my payment if I qualify?

When can I expect to receive my payment?

How do I know the payment arrived?

What happens if I have an overdrawn account (negative balance) when the Economic Impact Payment is deposited into my account?

How soon will my funds be available if I have an Economic Impact Payment via paper check?

What options do I have for depositing a check while banking safely during COVID-19 pandemic?

I was not required to file taxes in 2019, am I still eligible to receive a payment?

I don't have access to a branch or way to deposit a check, what are my options?

How can I make sure I am not a victim of fraud as it relates to these economic impact payments?

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