A Guide to Paying Off Debt

If debt is weighing you down, the one thing you may wish for more than anything else is a blank slate. Whether it’s opening a Northeast Credit Card, which offers lower rates and zero-balance transfer fees to move those department store cards over (some of those have 28%+ APR- ouch!), refinancing your home or auto loan, or taking out a personal loan to consolidate your debt to one simple payment with a fixed rate, whatever solution is best for you, we can help you with paying off debt.

Let’s review a few questions you might ask yourself before venturing on the path to becoming debt-free.

Where Do I Start?

When you’re in debt, it can feel like a merry-go-round and you may feel lost and unsure where to begin. That’s why we’re here! Start by scheduling an in-person or over the phone appointment with a Debt Consolidation Specialist who will review your financial situation, help you get organized and create a customized plan for tackling your debt.

What Debt Should I Tackle First?

Debt can be overwhelming, especially when you have bills piling up and you can’t seem to get ahead to catch your breath. We recommend you start small, by taking a second to analyze your bills, compare your interest rates and review your payment options. For example, you could switch your cellphone plan or move to a more affordable provider to save money. Making a few small cuts will help you see how quickly each dollar can add up and be put towards paying off debt.

I Need Help Paying off my credit cards – What are My Options?

If you have high-interest rate credit cards, one option to explore is transferring the balances to a lower rate card, such as our Preferred VISA®. Not only does this card make paying off debt manageable, it offers other great benefits including ZERO annual fees, ZERO balance transfer fees, and ZERO cash advance fees. You may also want to consider consolidating your cards into a fixed-rate Personal LoanContact us today to find out if a Personal Loan is right for you.

What are some ways I can reduce my monthly payments?

There are many ways to lower your monthly payments so you can keep extra cash in your pocket each month. Refinancing your home or auto loan is a great way to reduce your payments and lower interest rates. In some cases, you may have equity available to use towards paying off other debts (like credit cards, other payments, etc.).

Now that we’ve answered a few questions about getting you on the path of being debt-free, are you ready to get started? Schedule your over in-person or over the phone appointment today!