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Protect Your Cards with CardValet®

Protect Your Cards with CardValet®

Like in its name CardValet® is just that – a valet service for your card.

What happens when your debit or credit card are lost? Shear panic! We can help eliminate that terrifying feeling and the unnecessary stress it adds with our CardValet® app.

The CardValet® app allows you to turn your card ‘On’and ‘Off’, set location restrictions to allow your card to be used in geographic locations of your choice, set-up alerts each time your card is being used (or when it’s declined), review purchases and so much more!

You can learn more about CardValet® and how to use it at .

Next time you misplace your card, simply turn it ‘Off’ and back ‘On’ when found. 

Take back control and get our CardValet® app today.