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College Planning: Finance Edition

Here are a few tips to guide your college planning process.

Simple Steps to Success

If you don’t already have checking and savings accounts, this is a great time to open one. Setting up an account at Northeast Credit Union is a fast and easy process—once you make your initial $5 deposit (we recommend using that graduation money) to become a member-owner with us, you are all set! With online banking and other great perks like our myMoney Personal Budgeting Tool, mobile deposit, mobile wallet, person to person payments, it’s easy to access your money no matter how far away you are.

Planning Ahead

College is expensive, and the costs aren’t always upfront, but we have some guides to help with your college planning process. This article on The Cost of College Life highlights most of the potential costs going into college. While financial aid is a huge help, it can be confusing, so here is an article about Filling Out The FAFSA, the most common way to receive financial aid.

Perhaps you’re going to join the military or start working after high school. Finding not only your career path, but also a great employer to invest in you can be challenging. You’ll need to make important choices as a full-time employee regarding benefits, 401(k)s and taxes. This article on Job Benefits walks you through all your potential options.

Enjoy It

You have your whole life to be an adult. This first summer away from high school is meant to be a great one... so enjoy it! By taking the first few steps toward financial wellness, you’re already a successful graduate in our eyes!