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Five Tips to Keep You Safe on Cyber Monday

Smart shoppers know Cyber Monday is a great day to get deals, but it’s also a big day to get hacked or scammed. Here are some tips to help you save while you shop, and stay safe at the same time.

One Card Only.

Consider using only one credit card to shop online. This will allow you to watch activity, and stay on top of any charges that are not yours. If anything looks suspicious, be sure to contact your financial institution right away to cancel your card.

Additionally, your debit card information is direct access to your funds. To protect yourself and your funds from criminals, use your credit card to pay for online items.

What’s That Password Again?

It’s easy to remember a password if you keep using it over and over again, right? But if you get hacked, you could be making it easier for a hacker to get your information on other sites. Create a different password for each site you shop.

Gone Phishing.

Cyber criminals love Cyber Monday and are out on the prowl doing what’s known as “phishing.” This means they are sending you fake emails that will allow them to get into your computer to steal your data, without you ever knowing. An email for a sweet deal may look legitimate, but it could be a trap. When you get an email you’re interested in, go to the link of the company in your browser, not the one in your email and you’ll be protected from a phishing expedition.

Virus Alert.

You can get hacked on any day, but since Cyber Monday is such a big volume shopping day, hackers are out in full force. Be sure to keep your phone and computer software up to date and protected by antivirus software.

Not in Public.

It’s fun to go into a coffee shop and sip a latte while you hit the Cyber Monday deals, but never, and we mean never, use a public Wi-Fi network to purchase anything online, as it’s easier for hackers to breach a public Wi-Fi network.