Credit Union Myths Busted

Know the facts.

When it comes to being in charge of your hard-earned money, knowing all the facts is key. Choosing the right financial institution for you can be difficult, but banking with an institution who keeps you at the center of it all can put your money to work for you. Before you make a decision, let’s test your assumptions!


I’m probably not eligible – Becoming a member of a credit union is easier than you think! In fact, simply by living or working in New Hampshire or Maine (within 30 miles of a branch) you’ve already qualified to become a member of Northeast Credit Union! If that doesn’t apply to you, you may meet one of the many inclusive requirements related to where you work, worship, or where your family banks, that make joining a credit union easier than you may think!

Accessing my money may be difficult – Think again! Accessing your money is easier and in more locations than ever with over 3,500 participating credit unions and 30,000 ATM’s in a surcharge-free CO-OP network from coast to coast! Want to check it out for yourself? Use CO-OP Credit Union’s Locator to find locations near you.

Credit Unions aren’t tech savvy – Another common misconception annihilated! Most credit unions offer options such as Digital Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Deposit, Online Account Opening, etc. – just the same as a traditional bank. Credit Unions understand that members need their banking to go where they go!

Credit Unions are just like banks – Unlike banks, credit unions are “not-for-profit” entities that don't just look at you as an account number. This means they are able to give back a piece of the pie to you – a part owner of the credit union - by providing better rates and lower costs.

How do I join? – It’s easy! Open an account with Northeast Credit Union and you're a member!