Banzai, Your Financial Wellness Coach

Our goal is to help all our members feel as secure and informed as possible when it comes to your finances. That is why we partner with Banzai, a financial literacy program that brings real-life financial education to all ages and abilities. Banzai offers a variety of free articles, tools, and games (that are fun!) to help you navigate your finances confidently.

Banzai’s interactive courses offer a unique and fun experience for learning including interactive games. Don’t let the names fool you though, they are a lot harder (and more informative) than you would think! We recommend starting with Banzai Junior to see if you (or you and your children) can successfully run a summer lemonade stand.

School Sponsorships

“Thank you for making this curriculum available to my students. This is a wonderful opportunity. I will be sharing with my other colleagues." ~ Rachelle,  Berlin Senior High School

Did you know that we sponsor financial programs in schools and serve teachers across New Hampshire and Southern Maine? To date, we have educated over 15,000 students! Our sponsored teachers can order free supplies and coursework to teach their students import topics such as: budgeting, saving, and even planning for college. If you are a teacher, the games are a great interactive way to teach students real life scenarios, check them out!


You can find several Banzai calculators directly on our website. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, the various calculators will walk you through how to get there. Whether you are looking to get out of debt, understand if you can afford a mortgage, or considering retirement, the calculators serve as a great catalyst for your next steps towards achieving your financial goals. If you need a little bit more guidance the coaching modules associated with the calculators provide a step-by-step coaching based on your personal finances.

We know that finances can be overwhelming, so this partnership is our commitment to you—we are with you every step of the way.

As always, if you prefer a more personalized approach our team is here to help you schedule an appointment, today!